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questo è un quote

questo è altro testo a cazzodeccane



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It’s a trap
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Ukiyo-e Heroes (浮世絵ヒーロー)

From 1st August on Kickstarter.

Jed Henry:

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"Graphic designers without Web design experience are surprised how huge good body text on the web is in comparison to printed matter. Mind you, it’s only big if you compare it side to side, not if you compare it in perspective."

" … adjusting type size is not a matter of taste, but a matter of reading distance. Since most websites and applications have an overly small type size, new customers would initially choose a type size that they are used to, that is: too small a size … "

We don’t realize how much news media has changed in the past fifteen years. We really don’t.

A great short article about time, taste and why they are both more important than other things…

All of the money, web traffic, and cheap cardboard boxes in the world can’t buy time or taste.

A very interesting article about the evolution of letter forms and legibility


Once more.
You will accuse us poor Guerrilla thinkers of being negative, pessimists dark-future prophets.
Yes, you will say we are only able to criticize but never provide an alternative a clear vision of how things should be.
Honestly we do not care.

The title you can read above is a true fact….

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We must admit it. Enchanted by the magic of Facebook and its everlasting growth, we thought that this magic black hole would drain all the web in itself and would make blogs useless.

Those were the times when we were wondering how a blog or a website could add value to a Facebook page. We told…

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Piotr Czerski, (translated by Marta Szreder):

Our view of the social structure is different from yours: society is a network, not a hierarchy. We are used to being able to start a dialogue with anyone, be it a professor or a pop star, and we do not need any special qualifications related to social status.

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Basecamp UI Preview

37signals have come up with some very unique although simple user experience patterns that should make using Basecamp easier than ever.  Jump into the video at 3 minutes to see a demonstration of how they are allowing for you to easily navigate into a project.


Looks pretty awesome. That’s some smart “text as an interface” UI.

Preview of the new Basecamp UI (by 37signals)

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